Caesar’s Hors d’oeuvres--The Powerful and Maybe forgotten American Idioms--Letter B

Hors d'oeuvres # 016

Caesar’s Hors d’oeuvres--The Powerful and Maybe forgotten American Idioms

Letter B

  1. BABES IN THE WOODS: Innocent and inexperienced persons:--"In that difficult and competitive business the Hunts are like two babies in the woods."
  2. BABY GRAND: A small grand piano:--"If we can sell our old upright piano, we shall buy a new baby grand."
  3. BACK NUMBER: Something out of date, out of fashion:--"Among so many young people on the floor he certainly felt as a bad number."
  4. BACK OUT: Dessert a cause, fail to fulfill a promise or obligation:--"Although he tried to backup out of the agreement, the court made finally him fulfill all its terms."
  5. BACK TALK: Impertinence, an impudent reply:--"She told the man that she would tolerate no back talk from him."
  6. BACK THE WRONG HORSE: Support one that ultimately loses: --"In voting for Smith, you certainly backed the wrong horse, since he lost by 10,000 votes."
  7. BACK, TURN ONE'S BACK ON: Ignore,refuse to help, desert:--"Being a good Christian,she did not turn her back on her neighbors when they needed help."
  8. BAD, IN BAD: In disgrace, disfavor:--"John is is bad with his boss for coming late to work everyday."
  9. BAG AND BAGGAGE: With all one's portable belongings:--"They arrive at our house bag and baggage , at one o'clock in the morning."
  10. BAG, IN THE BAG:  Successfully settled or arranged:--"Judging by the enthusiastic reception given him everywhere, they felt that his election was in the bag."


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